I’ve written and re-written this thing about a dozen times now, each time adding more and more words in an “and another thing” sort of fashion. But it all really boils down to a few simple points. We aren’t going to win games if we can’t win the trenches. And right now, we’re not winning the trenches, particularly on offense. This is a problem that has plagued us in previous seasons and it’s not looking like much has changed. The defensive line performed well at times, but we’ve still got some issues covering underneath routes, quick slants and outs.

And speaking of which, why won’t our offense run those types of plays? If we can’t control the line of scrimmage and our QB isn’t getting much protection, then we’ve got to find ways to either slow down the pass rush or get the ball out quickly. I love a good play-action pass as much as any proper American. But you’ve got to have time to let those plays develop. Our o-line wasn’t giving much time to Murray at all. Isaiah Crowell may be a special player and, from time to time, there were flashes shown. But, again, our o-line didn’t give Crowell much to work with.

One other point. The strength of our team, the thing most of us were surest of, let us down as well. I’m talking about special teams. Other than one, maybe two occasions, our best starting field position was somewhere around our own 25. We missed a field goal, albeit a long one. We couldn’t cover a critical punt return.

We were outplayed in all phases of the game last night. Some of this was lack of player execution but I believe a lot of this loss is on our coaches. Look, all the credit in the world to Boise State. They came in and got the job done. Did we prepare and work hard this off season? By all accounts, yes. Was it good enough? Right now, I have to say no. And are our problems fixable? I have no idea.

I will say that I love our players and I love our team. But that’s all I’ve really got to say right now.


3 Responses to “Outplayed”

  1. You’re too kind..It was a ROUT. Period. and an embarrassing indictment of our total lack of coaching, at all levels…We have linemen who are NOT large…They are FAT, and SLOW…and they have not a clue, as to how to protect Murray. We have players with so much PC dreadlock padding, that their helmets won’t stay on…”Lookit me!!”
    They STILL cannot TACKLE. Coaching is to blame for that minor oversight. They arm-tackle, or throw themselves under the wheels of a runner..Pitiful…
    Red mohawks, ..and #10 Love “celebrating” his INTERFERENCE call..
    Coaches with a WHITEBOARD, in the FOURTH quarter, trying to coach players several months too late..What?
    And Richt…He might as well have been on a golf course or at a movie, he was so absent…Earphones on, playing with his hair…Who was he talking to? Maybe ReMax or Expedia…Sell the house, get outa’ town…ASAP…
    In closing, know that I’m not from Idaho. I’m a 1960 Bulldog, from the Tarkenton era…Back when the players were “tough”…Like the Boise players..
    Jim Nichols

    • It was absolutely disappointing to see the results of our off season. And it frustrated me to see us playing not to our strengths but, instead, directly into the hands of the Broncos’ game plan. The inability or unwillingness to adjust or at least stick to what presented itself was the most telling thing about this coaching staff to me. It’s almost as if we had no contingency plan. No “if this happens, then we’ll do that” or “if they do that, then we’ll switch to this” sort of thing that Boise State did all night.

      Which is more troubling? That it’s happening or that it’s happening again?

  2. I think we need to just clean house; flush the entire coaching staff…Unheard of, but maybe it’ll wake up this unfocused team that embarrassed the entire Bulldog Nation, on Saturday..I almost hope that Spurrier delivers the, “shot heard ’round the SEC”, this weekend, and exposes EVERY flaw in their (our) anemic program. You have know he’s just salivating, having seen the game films of the dissection, by now..
    Maybe 2012 will INDEED be the year we’ll “clean house’…

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