The importance of being earnest

Like most Dawgs bloggers, I follow a lot of Dawgs players, both former and current, on Twitter. I can’t say that I do this thing because I’m deeply interested in the daily goings on of their personal lives. It’s not that I don’t care. It’s just that, really, most of it is none of my business. But what I am interested in are the little nuggets of information that are occasionally Tweeted – little moments of insight otherwise unavailable to those of us not in the media and without access to player and coach interviews.

Having said all of that, after our loss to the Broncos on Saturday night, I noticed a brief exchange of Tweets among three former Dawgs players. I won’t reveal their names because, honestly, it has little to do with who said what but, rather, what was said.

In a nutshell, Player 1 observed that while he was all for having straight-laced players on the team, successful teams often have their fair share of thugs. He mentioned Alabama and Auburn as examples. Player 2 then added that he agreed that a team always has to have a few of those types of players. And then Player 3 replied with a somewhat telling statement. He said that, for the most part, the 2005-2006 classes were the last instances of us having those types of players on our team.

We haven’t won the SEC since 2005.

In a perfect world, a well-coached, hard-playing, disciplined team will overcome any adversity and be triumphant more often than not. We don’t live in a perfect world. Is there some correlation between the success of a team and the number of thugs on that team’s roster? Possibly. Are there instances of teams being successful without having to rely on those types of players? I’d certainly like to think so. And, obviously, there are a number of teams who aren’t successful and who also have thugs on their roster.

So what does it all mean? The opinion of someone who hasn’t been inside the arena is that the type of player one has on a team can be immaterial if the ability is there to coach them up properly.


2 Responses to “The importance of being earnest”

  1. I think you can find a number of championship teams at all levels of every sport who don’t have “thugs” on the roster. This is pure ignorance spouted off in frustration. A lack of “thugs” didn’t lose us that game. A lack of discipline in pass coverage did. A lack of good Quarterback play did. A lack of thugs had nothing to do with it.

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