A Saturday tradition

So I was watching the Miami v. Maryland football game last night and my attention was continually drawn towards something: Maryland’s uniforms. Did you guys notice anything peculiar about them? For those of you who might have had your fill of football for the weekend and skipped the game, here’s what they looked like:

This is not an exaggeration.

Yeah. Anyway, seeing their uniforms reminded me of our own uniforms at the Dragon*Con Bowl. And I’m very glad that we’re going back to our traditional look for this weekend: the red helmets, the silver britches, the I-formation… Because that’s what I think we need right now. No more silver helmets and no-huddle, shotgun spreads. No more playing away from our strengths. Please.

You saw it, I saw, everyone saw it. The offensive line struggled to control the line of scrimmage on any sort of consistent basis. We’ve got a fullback who weighs 272 pounds and used to play on the line of scrimmage as a tight end. And speaking of which, we’ve got three tight ends who can start on most rosters and a fourth who was highly sought after by many, possibly heading for a redshirt. These guys can help if we use them.

Jadeveon Clowney comes to town this weekend. Yeah, he’s a true freshman. But this is a defensive lineman who, as a senior in high school, was fast enough to line up at running back and make a 97-yard run for a touchdown. Oh, and the rest of their guys on the defensive line ain’t no slouches, either.


One Response to “A Saturday tradition”

  1. Until Saturday, I thought our linemen were large and quick…I soon saw that they were fat, and slow..It was a pitiful moment, seeing them gasping and whining to be taken out, because they were so out-of-shape…Richt had to call a time-out for them..And if Crowell is a speedster, why in the world didi Bobo (?) keep running him UP THE MIDDLE? It gets REALLY crowded, in the middle…

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