All part of the plan

I think I might be bordering on “ordered a cheeseburger” territory here. Because I read things that say we’re committed to running that no-huddle, hurry-up and wait whatever it was we were attempting against Boise and I think, well, he didn’t technically say we’re going to run it exclusively.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from repeated viewings, it’s that the Tenet of Balance from the Book of Bobo does not allow for one system to dominate over another. There can be no order without chaos. No good without evil. No run without the pass.

And, besides, who’s to say we’re going to commit to it this weekend? Maybe we’ll run all I-formation plays against the Gamecocks this weekend and then switch to the Shotgun Spread next weekend, against Coastal Carolina. Yeah, see, it’ll be great. It’ll be the Chanticleers against the Prairie Dawgs. Next weekend.

Or maybe it’s a bit of misdirection? Kind of like how Coach Spurrier said sophomore Connor Shaw was his starter over fifth-year and fifth chance senior Stephen Garcia. The frequent skirmishes between the University of South Carolina and the rebel Garcia have been well documented over the years so maybe this was more than Coach Spurrier sending Garcia a message? We’ll never know how Schlieffen-esque this plan might have been because, in the end, Shaw mucked it all up and Garcia had to come in and save the day.

Deep breath.

Look. It’s obvious we’re going to do what we’re going to do. I’ve read this before and I know how it goes. Just, please, whatever we do, let’s make sure we execute to the best of our abilities on the field, the sideline and in the booth. I just don’t want to feel like we’re bringing a knife to a chainsaw massacre. I’ve seen that too and I know how that goes as well.


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