Michael Bennett’s sticky fingers

As promised in yesterday’s post regarding Isaiah Crowell’s touchdowns, here’s the video of Michael Bennett’s first reception, a great fingertip catch to move the chains, along with his first touchdown catch as a Dawg. Take a close look at the replay of his first catch and notice that Murray’s pass bounced off a defender’s helmet. That was a laser-rocket pass into tight coverage, too. Bennett shows an amazing reaction time to be able to adjust to a misdirected, quickly thrown pass coming from not very far away at all.

And on his touchdown reception, Bennett once again shows off his skills with a nice burst of speed after the catch. It’s amazing how much he looks like Kris Durham (who’s with the Seattle Seahawks now; Go Durham!) out there – same lanky body, great hands and an ability to move down the field in a hurry. Very much looking forward to seeing how Michael Bennett develops and very excited about how our receiving corps is starting to shape up.

Once again, sorry for the video quality and lack of audio. I’ll see about getting these things sorted out. But for now, enjoy!

Go Dawgs!


4 Responses to “Michael Bennett’s sticky fingers”

  1. Bennett is said to have only dropped 1 pass, since Jan. These guy needs ot be in there, because Murray is erratic.

    • With Bennett’s emergence along with Malcolm Mitchell, we’ve all of a sudden forgotten about some of the other guys we’ve got as well. I’m excited about Chris Conley and can’t wait to see him develop into a play maker. And with Justin Scott-Wesley being as swole as he is, he’s going to be a great possession receiver for us.

      But, yeah, any help that Murray can get, both in terms of receivers catching the ball as well as lineman pass protecting better, I’m sure he’d appreciate. It looks like Murray is unable to develop any sort of rhythm out there because he’s either running for his life or his receivers are dropping passes. But when he does have time, as seen in a couple of drives late against SCAR, he can be on the money.

  2. On his TD, either a great site adjustment or a lucky call … SC is showing 6 on the LOS and rushes 5 with 1 LB covering Crowell. The MLB also flows to Crowell and Bennett cuts into the vacated space … TD!

    • Great insight. I hadn’t noticed the linebacker moving towards the line of scrimmage and away from the the middle of the field to cover Crowell.

      Bennett’s been in the system for a year now so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was an route adjustment by him. He shows great ability and, hopefully, football smarts comes along with that for him.

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