Crouching Tiger, hidden Bulldog

You guys ready for some SEC football tonight? LSU heads down to Starkville to take on Dan Mullen’s Dogs in what should prove to be a pretty interesting match up. I’m curious to see how MSU’s offense fares against LSU’s defense. The Tigers have only given up 91 yards of rushing through two games (95 to Oregon and -4 to Northwestern State) while the ‘Dogs have gained a combined 642 yards rushing in its win against Memphis and loss against Auburn.

Wait a minute. I just realized something. Mississippi State’s first three opponents are the Tigers. And its next two are the Bulldogs (Louisiana Tech and Georgia) while being a Bulldog itself. Crazy.

I digress. The reason I’m interested in this game other than it being football on TV is that I want to know how worried I should be about them Starkville Dogs’ trip up to Athens at the end of the month. Their QB/RB combo of Relf and Ballard is a force to be reckoned with and, with or without Washaun Ealey’s goal line fumble last year, I never really got the feeling that we were in any sort of control of that game. Luckily, our own match up against Coastal Carolina this weekend should give our guys an early look at an offensive scheme similar to what MSU runs.

At any rate, MSU is coming off a short week after a tough, last-minute loss in the Plains while LSU got a chance to rest its starters while nibbling on a cupcake. I’m not sure how well Coach Mullen’s boys come out of that deal. And speaking of LSU resting starters, former Dawg Zach Mettenberger saw his first action as a Tiger last week against Northwestern State, going 8-11 for 92 yards and a touchdown. The feeling in Baton Rouge is that he may see more snaps tonight based on his performance against the Demons this past Saturday.

Oh yeah, the game’s in Starkville, so you know what that means.


4 Responses to “Crouching Tiger, hidden Bulldog”

  1. Normally I am all for redshirting a guy who won’t play much at a position but with White and Figgins(I know a fb) graduating this year and Charles a guy who may go pro early it wouldn’t hurt to get Rome some experience this year whenever possible. Next year could be the polar opposite of this year with only Lynch and Rome at the position.

    • That’s a very good point. Although already possessing the skill set and size needed to play in the SEC, Jay Rome could certainly benefit from getting some game time experience. And I think most of us feel that Orson Charles will leave early. But it’s interesting to note the bond that he and Murray share. I could definitely see Charles going Pro at the end of the year but, at the same time, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least should he decide to stay.

      • This is a big if, and I hate to even bring it up so early into this season, but if we don’t lose anyone early to the pros next year we only graduate 8 starters (two of which are the kickers). It will be set up for either Richt to compete for a title or the new coach to come in and make a huge splash.

  2. My bad replied under the wrong post.

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