Penn Wagers strikes again

Looking at the box score, South Carolina had five penalties for 47 yards. None of them was for this obvious hold on Abry Jones. Yeah, I know. It’s all part of the game. But, damn, we can send a man to the moon and a missile to a precise spot in a cave somewhere in the Korengal Valley but nobody could see a 309 pound man being illegally cheated out of his chance at crushing his enemy? Bah.


5 Responses to “Penn Wagers strikes again”

  1. That wasn’t the only one, rewatch the fake punt and pay attention to Fagouli on it. The center does basically the same thing to him and there is no call.

  2. Penn wagers should fucking die.

  3. You realize most of South Carolina’s d-line had to change jerseys during the game because GA o-line shredded them? Travian Robertson had to put a 3rd jersey on.

    Go watch the replay of Crowell’s longest run to the right side. He follows Orson Charles holding and grabbing a facemask the last 15 yards. The same “block” he threw on UT when he got double penalized setting up the 2nd and 56.

    Don’t be crybabies. They didn’t call holding on anyone all year, UGA’s o-line being one of the larger beneficiaries.

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