Team effort

One more quote, this one from Shawn Williams, regarding veterans taking over in special teams:

“I just felt like I could get the job done,” said the 6-1, 220-pound Williams. “I just felt like Boykin, him being my defensive back, I felt like I needed to go out there and make a block count that he really needed because he was working his (rear) off, and I felt like he needed somebody that would line up and do the same thing.”

Good stuff. Boykin, if you’ll recall, went on to make a 58-yard return, setting up the Dawgs on the Carolina 37 where Isaiah Crowell would go on to score his second touchdown five plays later.

The team is giving good effort. The talent is there and the guys seem to be settling into the adjustments made by our coaching staff. One can only hope for further improvement and a distinct lack of injuries from this point forward.

Go Dawgs!


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