Shawn Williams’ big hit

So, how did Shawn Williams do yesterday with his first start at inside linebacker? Quite well, according to Coach Richt:

“I thought it was an outstanding move by [defensive coordinator Todd] Grantham” to shift Williams to linebacker, coach Mark Richt said after the game. “It put a mature guy in there [at linebacker], a very physical safety. … It allowed us to play a pretty fast defense — three safeties and three corners, basically, when you’re in the nickel.

Yeah, the defense was playing hard and fast, pretty much just flying around out there and imposing their will. Sure, it was Coastal Carolina. But, still:

Well done, Shawn Williams! Coach Richt has said he feels that Shawn will stay at his new position at least until Christian Robinson returns from his foot injury. I love that this move allows us to get play makers in position as well as garner more opportunities for playing time for some of the younger players. Hopefully, everyone will take advantage of the situation and we’ll come out stronger and deeper with experience for it.

One other thing: I was glad to see our offense come out and operate the no-huddle with a good sense of urgency and pretty much pull it off without a hitch. Hell, at one point, after a touchdown, I half expected us to run the hurry up on the PAT and have Murray line up the kick.

How ’bout them Dawgs!


One Response to “Shawn Williams’ big hit”

  1. Big hit for sure, but no wrap up, no tackle… Lattimore would have bounced off and run for at least 20 yards… still, all in all, a needed win, I’m happy

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