Sanders Commings’ Sack

So I was watching the Ole Miss v. Vanderbilt game last night and after seeing Rebels QB Zack Stoudt throw a pick six, I was reminded of something. Here’s the play in question:

Yes, I know that it was a different play with different personnel and different results but it sure does look real similar to this:

OK. So it’s possible that I was just looking for an excuse to post a video of Sanders Commings’ sack against South Carolina, our first and only of the year, to date. But I did want to make a point about Ole Miss’ offensive line. Now, I know you’ve all read about the Dawgs’ recent offensive line woes, what with injuries and eligibility issues. But we ain’t the only ones with troubles up front.

Earlier in the week my Ole Miss buddy told me that, after the loss to Vanderbilt, Coach Nutt was considering benching his entire offensive line and replacing them with new starters. I ain’t never been in no arena but even I know that this sort of drastic action partway through the season is probably not the best idea for a coach who needs wins right away.

As we well know, it takes time for an offensive line to gel and the importance of developing some continuity in playtime together cannot be overlooked.  But it’s clear that Coach Nutt needs to do something because his offensive line is struggling mightily right now.

Well, it seems he’s backed off benching his entire line. But he does have a new starter in true freshman Aaron Morris, who will replace sophomore right guard, Patrick Junen. Couple that with the general struggles of the Rebels’ offensive line which includes preseason All-SEC first-teamer, Bradley Sowell, along with our own defensive line’s solid play thus far and we should be able to pressure pocket-passer Zack Stoudt all day long.

While I’d certainly like for us to add to our sack total, I’d be just as happy with our boys getting Stoudt’s jersey dirty and making him as uncomfortable as possible. Ole Miss does have other QBs in Randall Mackey and Barry Brunetti, who are both much more mobile and could present problems if our defense isn’t disciplined in their gaps as well as outside contain. But I think it telling that neither of these guys have been named as starter even after Stoudt’s five interception day against the Commodores.


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