Dawgs’ D less imposing than Vandy’s

Take a look at Dawgs247’s Q&A with Ole Miss beat writer, Parrish Alford of the Tupelo Daily Journal:

In the first two games he showed poise and a willingness to throw the ball away when the play wasn’t there. There was less of that against Vanderbilt. Not all five interceptions were his fault, but five picks are five picks. I would imagine Stoudt will show more composure against Georgia.

You hear that, boys? Zack Stoudt ain’t skeered of y’all. I mean, compared to Vandy’s dominating D, we got nothing, is what Zack Stoudt and his sleuth of bears are thinking.

Let us get after them aggressively, shall we?


2 Responses to “Dawgs’ D less imposing than Vandy’s”

  1. Trust me UGA will destroy us. And that, in a “tough love” sort of a thing, is good news for me. The pressure to fire our idiot AD Pete Boone and his Bear mascot will be even greater. We will never win as long as that poltroon is running the show.

    I’m kind of surprised you found one Mississippi writer still drinking the kool-aid. Virtually no one has faith in Houston “we have a problem running an offense” Nutt anymore.

    Nevertheless, from a blogging point of view it is imperative you talk trash to us. Still, I feel we’ve become the Vanderbilt of ten years ago that I lampooned in cartoon.


    • My friend and coworker, who is also a big Ole Miss fan, has kept me abreast of the situation in Oxford and it just seems like a very toxic situation down there. I can’t imagine it being any fun for anyone involved and, honestly, I feel kind of ba…

      What am I saying? Serves y’all right for changing mascots. Seriously, a bear? Would have done better to have some James Dean impersonator roaming the sidelines. Or perhaps a more historical Rebel? The American colonists, maybe? How ’bout the PLO? Anything’s got to be better then some silly looking bear, right?

      Ahem. How was that for some trash talking?

      Looking forward to a good game tomorrow!

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