Transcript of Coach Richt’s weekly presser

Gentry Estes has the full transcript up at Dawgs247 of Coach Richt’s weekly press conference given earlier today:

“That play that Bruce has been catching is called 344 fullback. He’s the fullback, and the fullback is the primary guy. We actually called the play – I don’t know if you remember but Orson (Charles) caught a ball – You got the fullback out in the flat and then you got Orson running a deeper route and then you got a receiver that’s clearing it out if there is a receiver there. Sometimes we do it the backside of a twins to the left. Sometimes we just run it to the open side. But the number one guy is the fullback and the number two guy is the tight end. Both those guys get the ball quite often.

I love this play. Very, very much. Throwing to the fullback in the flat. Love it. The one Murray missed on when he overthrew Figgins this past weekend would have gone for a huge gain.

Also, make sure to check out Sports With Mike, who has a video of Coach Richt reiterating his opening statement. It’s a pretty important point which bears repeating:

“I want to talk to our crowd and our fans and want to educate our fans just a little bit. We need a lot of crowd noise. I know the fans know that part, but when teams no-huddle some times you are cheering and you might not be cheering at the right time. You might get exhausted, so I want to talk a little bit about what we hope will happen in the game. Chris Relf, their quarterback, gets into his cadence and then he looks for the ball and it doesn’t come and then he looks to the sideline. When he looks to the sideline, that’s when we need the fans to go berserk, because that’s when they are going to try to communicate to the line what they’re going to do. So we don’t want them to be able to communicate well. We want them to have trouble hearing each other. We want offensive linemen to jump offsides. So UGA fan base, that’s the time to go crazy. When the quarterback looks to the sideline after he starts his cadence, he’ll look to the sideline and that’s when you go crazy and make all kind of noise. Of course if they are down on the goal line, do that every play every moment.

I’ll take any advantage we can get over Dan Mullen and his band of tricksters. As such, I’ve already sent out a note to all of my neighbors apologizing in advance for any and all cacophonous occurrences coming from my vicinity this Saturday. Yes, I will be contributing, even from my living room in Memphis. Hell, if it would help, I’d totally do what this guy did:

Yeah, I ain’t proud.


One Response to “Transcript of Coach Richt’s weekly presser”

  1. […] That being said, Bobo’s task is far from hopeless.  For one thing, lost in the disappointment of last year’s loss is the fact that Georgia gained nearly 400 yards, outgaining MSU in the process.  For another, Georgia is loaded with the best weapon against a team that relies heavily on the zone blitz:  the tight end.  Aron White’s coming out party last week at Ole Miss has to be a concern for MSU’s defense.  Nor can they sleep on 344 fullback. […]

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