Come at me bro

Couple things real quick. First off, it looks like we aren’t the only ones utilizing tiny backs in up the middle runs. Secondly, what do you think Alabama’s Dont’a Hightower will be thinking when he is informed of Weis and Muschamp’s offensive game plan?


2 Responses to “Come at me bro”

  1. I hope even with the bye week the week before UF plays us that UF’s team is physically and mentally drained by the time they get to their game with us. AL, LSU and AU in a row very well could do that.

    • Yeah, I’m exhausted just thinking about that schedule. I get this tiny, real bad feeling that they’re going to somehow pull through it alright, though. That’s a potent combination of forces they’re facing in such short order.

      While I don’t see any real weaknesses in Alabama, perhaps the unthinkable happens and the student does somehow become the master. And with Les Miles ball(s), who know how that game could turn out. Auburn right now seems capable of playing with anyone if they were on all-time offense. Their defense is probably going to be pretty good next year with all the experience their young guys are getting. But I don’t think anyone is scared of of it right now.

      October should be fun to see play out. Especially if we keep winning.

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