Sleeping with the enemy

There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to admit to himself that there are unsavory things he must do that are for the greater good. I speak, of course, about rooting for Auburn and Alabama tomorrow.

We need the Auburn Tigers to beat South Carolina. Really, we just need South Carolina to lose. It matters not who plays them. They just need to lose. It’s rather unfortunate that we have to cheer on Auburn but, hey, at least it’s not Tech.

And then we also need to root for the Alabama Crimson Tide to beat Florida. Now, I don’t really have anything against Alabama and I’m always happy to root against the Gators. Still, I am loath to show ‘Bama any sort of support. It’s like rooting for the humans in Avatar. Or the cavalry in Dances With Wolves. Or Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles. It’s no fun and probably somewhat unethical on some grand scale.

Yet, we do what we must. Dawgs need to keep winning and we need every other team in the East to start or keep on losing. We were given a chance early on to control our own destiny but we faltered and couldn’t get the job done. Now we play and hope for a second chance.


4 Responses to “Sleeping with the enemy”

  1. I always like to think of it more as rooting against UF and USC than rooting for other teams. I want South Carolina to lose, I do not want AU to win. The result is the same but I don’t feel as dirty.

  2. Wait… we weren’t supposed to pull for the humans in Avatar?

    I hate looking ahead to UF and USC’s schedules hoping they screw up. But it’s where we are. Roll Eagle.

    • Well, sure, you can root for the humans in Avatar. Nick Saban rooted for the humans in Avatar. Hell, I bet Urban Meyer probably rooted for the humans in Avatar… Honestly, I kinda rooted for them, too. That Colonel dude was pretty bad ass.

      It pains me to admit to cheering on anything from Aladamnbama so I shall try to adopt our friend above’s policy of rooting for someone to lose rather than for someone to win.

      Go unscrupulous Refs and unfortunate bounces of the ball!

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