Let’s make some noise!

Here we are, folks, on to the next installment of “Win this game or else!” Like Ben Dukes, I hardly agree with this sentiment. But, what are you going to do? The almighty sports media has spoken and we the public have no recourse but to listen. Well, I tire of listening and I’m ready to make my own noise. While I may not have a cowbell, I do have the next best thing: the vuvuzela.

Who among us can ever forget the wonderful South African siren song that serenaded us during last summer’s stupendous soccer soiree, the 2010 World Cup? Hell, I know I’m still trying to forget. But, sometimes, in the process of forgetting, it can be helpful to revisit that which we are trying not to remember.

I made this video ’round about this time last year, in preparation for our game with them Starkville Dogs. It seems even more fitting this year.

I think Coach Richt would agree.


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