Quick thoughts

Dawgs came out ready to play today and the first half showed a team that can win the SEC East. Fortunately, the defense kept up the intensity in the second half and kept State from really ever threatening. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the offense.  This second half slump by the offense hasn’t hurt us yet but it will should it continue to occur.

I’m not willing to dwell too much on our second half offensive woes right now because I want to enjoy this win. Our defense played as well as I’ve seen it play in a long time. Perhaps some will say that State clearly isn’t as good as we had assumed. And that may be true. But I say that our defense had a big part to do with that. We took away the run and blanketed their receivers. And we looked good doing it. It wasn’t that State played sloppy. We just executed better than they did.

Also, I just want to say Cornelius Washington really showed me something today and it kind of scared me.

We’re 2-1 in the SEC folks. Let’s go, Auburn and Roll Tide!


3 Responses to “Quick thoughts”

  1. Auburn took care of South Carolina. Bama is taking care of Florida. Now Brantley is hurt and Garcia is a head case. The east is wide open now. Alabama and LSU both look tough to beat.

  2. The best part is while we are getting better we still have more room to grow. Add to that the fact that Robinson played some and should be able to go more and Ogletree should be back and the linebacking corp is going to be much deeper than they were before.

  3. He showed something to the Jackson county cops too. Jesus.

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