Crowell: in bounds or out?

Did Isaiah Crowell step out of bounds during an apparent 49-yard touchdown run early in the game? It’s hard to say. Fox Sports only showed the replay once and while it is from a good angle, no closer view was made available.

Crowell was ruled to have stepped out of bounds somewhere around the 35 yard line, giving him a 14-yard gain. From repeated viewings, it looks like the line judge saw his right heel come down on the line at roughly that spot. Take a look and see what you think:

It would have been nice to have an official review of this play but because the it was ruled dead no review is possible. I didn’t see a ref stopping the play nor did I hear a whistle. Seth Emerson provides confirmation of sorts.

We ended up having to punt the ball away but the defense came up huge, as it did for much of the day, and forced a three-and-out. We scored our second touchdown of the day on the next drive.


7 Responses to “Crowell: in bounds or out?”

  1. How can can the referee call that out of bounds with the MSU player diving right in front of his view. There is clearly green grass between the front of shoe and the sideline.

  2. Not a banner day (again) for SEC officials; their handling of the Brantley fumble in the gator/bama game was painfully laughable. The head referee, whose call it was to make on the fumble, sure acted like it was a live ball. No official came in with whistle blaring when the bama players were trying to decide if the ball was live or not (which is officiating 101, if it’s a dead ball, you make it loud and clear so no one gets hurt). Then, after all of that, the ref gives no explanation to the stadium as to why the ball was ruled dead. The ref just with the headlinesman wide-eyed looking like, “sh*t, we just blew that one.”

    Of course, the stadium was 90% gators so, they were more than happy to let that slide and get the ball back.

    • Yeah, that was a very odd play, particularly since no explanation ever seemed to be given as to what happened. And then, on the next play, Brantley gets hurt. If the previous play had been ruled a fumble, Brantley wouldn’t have even been out there. College football works in mysterious ways.

  3. I thought he was in bounds. This replay does not show him stepping out. The final score should have been 31-10 but probably more points for us as that play would likely opened up the flood gates.

  4. Did you notice the poor blocking by the left side of the line on that play? Orson Charles is jogging around like a zombie. The 2 WRs are the only ones blocking. That was enough.

    • Seems like Glenn is supposed to chip the rush end and then move on to block the linebacker, which he only just manages to get a piece of. Not too sure what Orson is supposed to be doing there. He doesn’t see the LB get off Glenn’s block and he doesn’t exactly move down the field to help block the safeties. Odd.

  5. […] The perception is that Tennessee can’t run the ball, but Tauren Poole is a capable back and the Dawgs will  need more of that sure tackling mentioned above to have success in this game. Georiga will need Crowell to keep up his solid play and maybe, just maybe, get that big home run he’s been narrowly missing. […]

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