We. Must. Win.

It may have come up from time to time that I live in Memphis, TN. And I’ve lamented the fact that, even though I live about as far away from Knoxville as I can within the boundaries of the state of Tennessee, the stench of big orange lingers. Hell, I think I just drove by Phil Fulmer on the way home from work:

To say that I’d like for the Dawgs to win this Saturday would be akin to a man who has just finished taking a walking tour of Cambodia saying “Why, yes, that mine detector was quite handy to have”.

I have friends and coworkers who have marked this week on their calendars ever since we put a whoopin’ on their boys this time last year. This may or may not have been entirely my fault due to various actions I might have partaken in after said Dawgs victory.

Suffice it to say, I don’t only want for us to be victorious this weekend. I need it. Badly.

Go Dawgs!


2 Responses to “We. Must. Win.”

  1. Wow, he’s looking slim.

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