Jeff Driskel is a dead man

Have any of you heard anything about Florida coaches or players disrespecting LSU in some way?

I’ve mentioned before that one of my friends and coworkers is the uncle of Jordan Jefferson. Well, my friend came in to work today and the first thing he said to me was “We are gonna kill them Gators this Saturday.” He then went on to explain that J called him last night asking if he’d heard of anything untoward occurring between the two teams in the days leading up to the showdown in Baton Rouge.

When pressed for further information, J explained that at a team meeting earlier in the day, Coach Les Miles was acting even more agitated than normal. “Even more agitated than normal” wasn’t exactly how my friend put it in the re-telling of the story. “Completely fucking crazy” was, in fact, my friend’s exact words. I suddenly got an image of Lee Ermey stalking around the LSU football team, snapping at the players and generally menacing all in attendance.

So what does this have to do with the Dawgs? Well, nothing really. But it occurred to me that I’m well aware of how a well-motivated team who thinks it’s been slighted by an opponent can react to an upcoming game.

Jeff Driskel, Florida’s true freshman quarterback, will likely get his first start of the season on Saturday down in Baton Rouge against the the number 1 ranked LSU Tigers. Lawd have mercy.


3 Responses to “Jeff Driskel is a dead man”

  1. Damn, that makes my day.

    • My friend is a very mild-mannered and soft spoken guy… in normal circumstances. But when we talk football, particularly LSU football, he turns into sort of a conglomeration of part hummingbird, part super bouncy ball and just a touch of nitro glycerin.

      I wish I had captured video of my friend recounting his story this morning. I’ve never met Les Miles and have only ever seen him on TV or in online videos. But I feel very safe in assuming that my friend’s rendition of Les Miles’ words and actions during that team meeting yesterday was spot on. I’ve never laughed so hard or been in fear of my life at the same time before. It’s a unique experience I recommend everyone try at least once in their lives.

  2. I wont be happy until its 100-0

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