More secondary concerns

CBS Sports asks if the Dawgs’ secondary is for real:

So: can those Dawg DBs slow down Bray or not? The evidence to date is encouraging, but with the memory of Moore’s night at the Georgia Dome still lingering, it’s not compelling just yet.

Which is, in a nutshell, kind of how I’m feeling right now. I love what I’ve seen out of the defense, particularly the secondary, since that first game. But I’m not crazy about the competition they’ve faced.

And I get the feeling that every remaining game on our schedule will, in some fashion or other, be dubbed a “true test game”. With Tennessee, it will be a true test of our secondary. And, maybe against Vandy, we’ll have a true test of our offense against their incredibly high defensive yards per point. And against Florida, we’ll have a true test of whether the city of Jacksonville is actually cursed for the Dawgs. You get the idea.


2 Responses to “More secondary concerns”

  1. I feel a lot better about the secondary now than before and the fact they are without Hunter makes there offense largely depedent on one receiver. Unless Tennessee comes up with a wrinkle in the running game I think we knock Bray around and hold their offense way off their normal numbers. Whether that is enough to win the game depends on how many turnovers we have.

    • I’m concerned with whether our pass rush can get to Bray in time to keep him off his game. My fear is that UT will utilize the short and medium passing game to negate whatever pressure we might be able to bring. We’ll need our DBs to play press coverage and jam their receivers off the line. Disguising our coverages will also be key. I wonder if Chase Vasser will get significant playing time due to his reportedly strong coverage skills?

      Man, I can’t wait until we get Tree and Washington back.

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