What have I missed?

Alright, so after nearly a week, it seems my computer is back in order. Thankfully, I’ve got a very good friend who is knowledgeable in all things electronic (no, he’s not a Techie) so it looks like I’m back in business (thanks a bunch, Joey).

So, what’s been going on? Seems Malcolm Mitchell will miss the Vandy game with a hammy injury while Tree, who is ready to play in Nashville this Saturday, is being held out for one more week as a precaution. I guess that means he’ll be ready to start against the dreaded BYE. All I can say is BYE better watch out because I know Tree is hungry.

And speaking of being hungry, all week long I’ve been perusing these here Internets on my fancy iRobot phone and I’ve been reading lots of very complimentary articles written about our defense. Hell, even our enemies are starting to notice.

While this pleases me to no end, I can’t help but feel… something. I’m not quite sure what it is. Cautious optimism, perhaps? Truth be told, we haven’t faced many offensive juggernauts. This causes me to be cautious. That said, our defense have looked very good at times, holding down opponents that we were to supposed to dominate. This hasn’t been true for past Dawgs’ defenses and that’s where my optimism comes in.

One last thing. I read this quote last night from Coach Richt in an article by Marc Weiszer:

“I think they’re wrestling down there,” Richt said. “When you hear that…somebody just got body slammed down there. I don’t know about the injury report. That may change as we speak. They have fun doing that so I hate to take that away from them. We need cameras in there just to see what really happens because they come out of there with some good stories.”

Love it. During the UT game broadcast, one of the announcers quoted Coach Richt as saying that last year’s team didn’t have the chemistry that he wanted. After an off season of changes that included additions and subtractions to the staff and roster, Coach Richt now feels that team chemistry. Following any of our guys on Twitter will show that they have a tremendous amount of love for each other. And when that’s present, nobody wants to let anyone else down. Yes, they’re fighting for the glorious Oval G and for the pride of Bulldog Nation. But more importantly, they’re fighting for their coaches and for each other. That can be a very powerful thing, indeed.

Go Dawgs!


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