You’re still here?

I was reading Seth Emerson’s Q&A with Jeff Lockridge of the Tennessean and noticed this bit in the Vanderbilt beat writer’s answer regarding the Commodores’ run defense:

“Senior middle linebacker Chris Marve is about as solid as they come, and his mobility has improved after a knee injury hampered him in 2010.”

Man, Chris Marve is still there? It just seems like he’s been in college forever. I swear, every year that I’ve read any pregame stuff about a match up between the Dawgs and Commodores, Marve’s name is mentioned. He’s like a modern day Reggie Slack. I remember during my high school years wishing that guy would just hurry up and graduate from Auburn already. Or go Pro. Anything. Just stop beating us, damn it.

On the flip side, this year will be the first time in, like, 87 years where we won’t have to read about Randall Cobb when we get ready to play the Kentucky Wildcats. So there’s that.


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