Memphis is a ghost town

I guess that’s what happens when there are games all day today down the road in Oxford, in Nashville and in Knoxville. On top of that, the University of Memphis held their annual Midnight Madness basketball practice last night. I don’t know the exact numbers but the photos I saw published in the Commercial Appeal’s website yesterday of the crowds gathered at the Fed Ex Forum suggested that quite a number of Memphibians stayed up well past their usual bedtimes.

As an aside, I wonder what that must feel like for the Memphis football team, the fact that way more people are interested in seeing a basketball practice than a regular season game at the Liberty Bowl?

Anyway, I don’t really have anything informative to add regarding the Dawgs’ game tonight. This post is the equivalent of nervous chatter. And, yes, it’s a bit strange to be nervous about a game against Vanderbilt. After all, this was a team we shut out last year, when our defense was still learning the ropes. On top of that, Vandy’s offense is ranked pretty low this season while our defense has improved tremendously since our last meeting. Yeah, nothing really to be nervous about.

So let’s all hope for a well-played and well-coached game without any injuries. Unlike our previous few games, I’d sure like to begin celebrating midway through the second quarter tonight.

Go Dawgs!


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