Incomplete thoughts

I’m stuck at work right now, which gives me an excuse to further put off watching the replay of last night’s game. I don’t think I’m quite ready to see it again just yet.

That said, I was pleased by some of what I saw in the game. Two of our top offensive playmakers either didn’t play or played sparingly. I’m speaking, of course, about Malcolm Mitchell, who missed the game with a hamstring injury and Isaiah Crowell, who sat out the first quarter because Coach Richt “loves him” (read: minor disciplinary action) and didn’t see much action for the rest of the game.

Yet, there were times when our offense moved the ball quite well despite the absence of this dynamic duo. Richard Samuel IV had some initial success running the ball while Tavarres King and Marlon Brown both stepped up their games. Big congratulations, by the way, to Marlon, who had a career day in his home state with well over a hundred yards receiving along with two touchdowns.

This is all I’m willing to reminisce on at the moment. I’m sure once I get home and watch the replay, I’ll have a few more, perhaps not so glowing, thoughts. But one thing I keep trying to remind myself of is 2007. I doubt many of us felt all that comfortable heading into the Cocktail Party after pulling out a last second win at Vanderbilt that year. Yeah, it’s not much. But we’ve got two weeks to get right. And after last night, I doubt our guys are content to rest on their laurels.

Go Dawgs!


4 Responses to “Incomplete thoughts”

  1. If you look at our losses in 2010, key seemed to be getting Murray’s pass attempts up @27 or more. Lost to Ark, MSU, Col, Fla, Aub, UCF when that happened.

    In 2011, same thing pretty much. In 2 losses, Murray had 29 pass attempts. In 4 wins, 26 attempts or less. And then against Vanderbilt, had 37 attempts and eeked out a W.

    The more you put game on Murray’s shoulders, higher chance of losing.

    • Interesting numbers. It’s possible also that the game dictates that Murray throws that much. If we’re behind and needing scores, chances are we’re throwing the ball. If I recall, our running game wasn’t especially strong in those losses as well. Other than the loss to USC this year, that is. But that was just a flat out crazy game that probably wouldn’t play out the same way twice.

  2. My best Gator Buddy and I are both from the same hometown as Mitchell, Valdosta, GA….I told him last week, that it was OK for Mitchell to sit out, because then we’d discover if we had ANOTHER MIITCHELL on the bench, for our annual Trick or Treat game in Jax…And as you say, the unknown Brown got ‘er done..Now Murray is twice as dangerous…

    • Yes, we here in Memphis are very excited to see Marlon have a big game. It was especially nice because we needed him to have one. Also, I forgot to mention the outstanding game that Michael Bennett had. He made some pretty clutch catches to help move the chains and just missed out on a TD reception of his own.

      I wasn’t particularly worried about our receiving corps during the off season because I knew that we had the talent to get it done. With the emergence of Malcolm Mitchell, this group is now a great strength on our team. Very exciting!

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