Calculated and well thought out

Saw this quote from Vanderbilt coach James Franklin regarding his actions after the game this past Saturday:

Asked if he regretted what happened after the game, Franklin said: “I’m not a guy that really has a whole lot of regrets. I’m pretty calculated, I’m pretty well-thought out in the things that I do for the most part.”

Franklin appears to be pointing at Georga safety Shawn Williams after the game as he walks across the field. Grantham turns back to look at Williams and then reacts with anger by yelling at Franklin.

And here’s a quote from an article by Dawgs247 on the incident:

Franklin acknowledged Monday it is customary to meet opposing head coaches at midfield. Replays showed him heading the other direction.

Keep on playing that “not being pushed around” angle, Coach. I’m sure your players believe you. What a shame.


One Response to “Calculated and well thought out”

  1. We just have to remember every season to remind those Commodoormats where they belong just as we like to do for GT.

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