Rest & recreation

I don’t know about you guys but I’m really glad the Dawgs are off this weekend. I’m looking forward to a day of games where I don’t have to worry about anything at all. There will be plenty of time for worrying next week. But, for now, all we have is a some strategic rooting for others to lose.

It’s a shame that both the Gamecocks and Gators are off this weekend as well. We can, however, root against Tennessee and Vanderbilt. Normally, I wouldn’t really care too much about either of these teams at this point in the season. But after last week, I’ll cheer on anyone playing against Vandy. And, living in Tennessee, it’s always fun to root against UT.

And then there’s the big game of the weekend, LSU v. Auburn. In previous seasons, I would have taken a neutral stance, possibly cheering on whoever had the ball. But after last year, I find it increasingly difficult to cheer on Auburn. You know, there really is something to what Aron White said regarding our rivalries: we hate everyone.

So sit back, folks. Kick your feet up and enjoy the weekend’s festivities. And rest up for next week. Because there will be much hating to accomplish.

2 Responses to “Rest & recreation”

  1. If my life depended on AU winning a game I’d still cheer against them, they suck that much.

  2. Cheering for VU…UT….and anybody else we play . The only game I want them to lose is the ones they play against UGA. Makes us look that much better.

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