More on Quayvon Hicks

Just came across this interesting quote from Dawgs fullback recruit Quayvon Hicks:

“I think they’re great coaches, they’re doing a good job. Coach Bobo I think is a great coach, but everyone makes mistakes and he’s very predictable (my emphasis). Coach Richt I know has a lot on his shoulders with his job being on the line. He’s being a strong man, taking it step by step, and focusing on the team.”

The secret’s out! Anyway:

Hicks said he is a “done-deal” to Georgia unless something were to happen to head coach Mark Richt.

I’m reading this “unless Richt is gone” sentiment quite a bit from many of our recruits. I wonder how hard our rivals’ coaching staffs are playing this angle?


6 Responses to “More on Quayvon Hicks”

  1. As long as we’re winning other coaches can’t use it because if we win CMR will be back.

  2. The blame here lies with the media stories written earlier this season and continue some even after the past 5 wins….”Sports and Grits” blog is a great example.

  3. I quit On Sports & Grits a long time ago. They never made a lot of sense about anything (Just My Opinion).

  4. I gotta hand it to S&G though, some of their stuff is hilarious. They are big time old school rasslin’ fans like me, so that may be why I like a lot of their humor. Disagree with their sentiments on Richt (I’m a Richt-o-phile by their terminology), but like their style nonetheless.

  5. amazon cyber monday…

    […]More on Quayvon Hicks « Year of the Dawg[…]…

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