Love-hate redux

Apologies for getting off to a late start on Hate Week. I’m afraid I’m a bit under the weather today and took some medicine, which has left me feeling a little loopy. How loopy? Well, as an example, I devoted a portion of my morning thinking that maybe we are going about this whole thing the wrong way. What are we, 3-18 over the last 21 meetings? And all this time, the hatred has grown within us, chained up in a dark pit inside and fed nothing but scraps of raw meat and shame. And what has this gotten us? More heartbreak.

Maybe it’s time to usher in a new era of love and understanding. After all, are we really that different from our associates-nay-brothers down south? Do we not all share the same hopes and aspirations?

Yeah, that was some potent-ass NyQuil, huh? Made LSD feel like aspirin because, clearly, I was straight trippin’. I came to my senses as I was editing that colorful picture above to fit into my love post. I saw what I was doing and it was like an adrenalin shot straight to the heart.

That’s better.

Go Dawgs!


2 Responses to “Love-hate redux”

  1. The short of it, we can learn more from children than we can hippies.

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