More on Brantley

Dawg Nation has an article up discussing the topic du jour: whether Florida quarterback John Brantley will play at the Cocktail Party. It’s all pretty standard stuff with no new revelations. However, there are a couple of quotes from two of our players that I enjoyed reading. First up, Abry Jones:

“Pretty much you kind of hope you get a couple shots at him to kind of rattle his cage, especially in a game such as this one that’s big, pretty much being the first time to walk into the stadium and play in this game.”

I hope we rattle him like a pair of maracas. Next up, a nice, succinct quote from Bacarri Rambo:

“If they put him out there, we’ve got to get him off the field, I guess.”

Off the top of my head, I can think of at least two ways I’d like to see Brantley gotten off the field. I’ll stop there lest more nefarious thoughts creep in.


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