Dreams so real

As the Cocktail Party looms over us like a dust storm sweeping through Riyadh, my mind begins to wonder about the game itself and just what we’ll see out of our boys. Will we be able to control the line of scrimmage? Can our running and passing games succeed even if our top receiver might not play? Will we score on our first drive? How many field goals might we settle for? Can we avoid turnovers and mistakes in general? Will our tight ends and fullbacks play a significant role in our game plan?

On the flip side, I have to wonder what our enemies might do. What are the chances of us seeing a fake punt? A fake field goal? An unexpected onside kick? How many different Gators will take a snap from center? Will they score on their first drive? How many times will Verne and Gary (I count the announcers as enemies as well; if you ain’t rooting for the Dawgs on this day, you’re an enemy) mention The Celebration of ’07? And Urban Meyer’s “big deal” reaction the following year?

And, most importantly, who the hell is reffing our game tomorrow?

These thoughts roil ceaselessly through my mind until the start of the game, when all that is left is to watch it all unfold. I’ve slept well this week. But I have a feeling that I won’t be sleeping much tonight. Good luck, everyone and Go Dawgs!


2 Responses to “Dreams so real”

  1. I am dreaming of our special teams sniffing out a fake punt and it changing the game in our favor for a change!

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