Not a safety?

Just noticed this photo at Bulldawg Illustrated from our glorious win this past Saturday:

What, does the whole ball have to be in the endzone for it to be ruled a safety? Clearly, his knee is down and the ball doesn’t appear to be fully across the goalline. What’s the deal here?  Seriously, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I read Bernie mention yesterday that the kickoff where the Gators got into field goal range on the return occurred only after the Florida guy waved for a fair catch. Now, I didn’t notice the fair catch signal and apparently neither did the refs. I guess I should hardly be surprised that they didn’t also notice this apparent tackle for a safety.


6 Responses to “Not a safety?”

  1. You cannot tell anything from a still photo. This was taken after the runner was hit and knocked backwards (as evidence see missing UGA player helmet, which occ after contact). They marked him down at the point of his forward progress, which was not in the endzone.

    Now if the UF player was knocked backwards, but recovered and tried to advance then he is no longer awarded his forward progress. However, that was not the case here. He was hit, knocked backwards, and went down in the end zone. The refs brought the ball back out to where his forward progress was halted and marked it for play.

    Watch the replay and I think you will agree IHMO.

    • Oh, sure, use proper logic and correct facts to refute my totally unbiased claim. Pfft.


      • Yeah, afraid it won’t fly, Big Muddy Dawg, but Herrera really laid the wood to his ass after the initial tackle stopped his progress. The reaction from the stadium was great to hear as well. If these were sequenced photos you would see his knees and body lifting and Demps suspended in air before he finished his “Herrera” journey. We came into the season expecting Rambo to be THE hitter , but Gilliard, Herrera, Washington, Jarvis Jones and Ogletree have made it a true free-for-all. I now want this season to go slowly and enjoy a long drawn-out Auburn game with each lick representing a Fairley payback. Looks like Moseley will now make it a game. Our O ain’t bad either.

  2. Kirk Olivadotti has done an outstanding job with our linebackers. While I miss Warren Belin’s apparent expertise as a special teams coach, I’m very thankful to have two former NFL coaches teaching our boys. And they’re all so young, too. If we can keep this thing rolling, we should be cheering on elite defenses for the foreseeable future.

  3. just watched the replay…he was knocked back into the endzone from about the one

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