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“I’m in an agreeable mood right now”

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What is Coach Richt all happy about? Did he get a pre-media meeting kiss from his wife? Maybe one of his kids got a good grade on a test. Or did it just dawn on Coach Richt that the Georgia Dome is covered with FieldTurf and therefore won’t provide Coach Miles with a source of nourishment during the game? Maybe he saw something in LSU’s film? A weakness to exploit, perhaps. Or maybe he just really likes hot chocolate.

Is it Saturday yet?


Dang, there goes my good mood… Not really. I ain’t skeered.


Hale’s take

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You guys remember a feller by the name of David Hale? Used to run a blog about a football team we all kind of like? Well, here’s an article he wrote and published on Scout today regarding the contestants in the game this Saturday:

But after spending the last 18 months surrounded by change, I can’t help but find some comfort in knowing that Georgia and LSU stayed the course and were rewarded handsomely for their patience.

It’s easy to look ahead and see where the grass appears greener — or, in Les Miles’ case, more flavorful — but there’s a certain beauty in trusting in what you’ve already got.

You can say that again, Mr. Hale. Oh, and it seems you were right about Abry Jones. He’s stepped it up big time and is contributing mightily.

Miss that guy.

Let’s shake on it

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I was looking at this photo of the post-game handshake over at the AJC and got to thinking:

First of all, I noticed that Coach Richt seems to give a firm handshake. I know he’s shaking hands with the Jowly One and all but, still, check out all the wrinkles caused by that grip.

Anyway, seems to me that Nick Saban probably also gives a firm handshake. Spurrier and Joker, too. And you just know Will Muschamp and Bobby Petrino are overcompensating squeezers. You know the type.

Oh, and Les Miles doesn’t shake hands. He’s all like:

Crowell updates

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There’s also word that Branden Smith is working with the wide receivers. I think that, much like the Tech game, we’re likely to get Commings and Boykin playing corner to help defend LSU’s option runs which frees up Smith to spend more time working with and playing offense.

Love it!


Dang, what do we got, Mr. Miyagi rubbing his hands together and working his magic in Athens?

Zach Mettenberger and Michael Tamburo

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So I was reading the full transcript of Coach Richt’s presser from earlier today and something immediately jumped out at me:

On whether LSU might pick the brain of quarterback Zach Mettenberger…

“I didn’t even think about that until just now. They might be. We haven’t changed an awful lot, and Zach certainly knew what we were doing. They might be picking his brain, I don’t know. There is so much that you can get on film now days, I don’t know how much more he could add to it. We have also gone to a no-huddle since Zach has gone, and we have code names and hand singles that he has no idea about. I don’t think it will be a factor, but it could be.”

You hear that, folks? We’re using code names. Interesting that we started off the season at the Dome against Boise State with a transfer quarterback who played for the Broncos. And now we close the season at the Dome against Louisiana State and they have a transfer quarterback who played for the Dawgs.

Also of note:

If things are going rough and your quarterback spits the bit, I think you are in big trouble. If he can stand in the gap and stay strong and keep fighting and encouraging and start to make plays, I think a really good quarterback can pull you out of a bad situation. I think Aaron (Murray) has gotten to the point where I don’t think anyone every questions his toughness mentally or physically. No one ever questions his preparation. No one questions his loyalty to the team. I think everybody responds well to him if things got rough.”

I think it’s safe to say that Murray has had off days here and there throughout the season. And Coach Richt is right. The team never really seemed to waver through these tough times. Instead, we got after it and won the game. What completely different results from last season.

Memorial service for Larry

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How amazing would it be to see a full house, completely silent? Just a sea of black with smatterings of red here and there. Silent in memoriam.

So let me get this straight

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First, Corch Meyer is all:

Because coaching the Florida Gators is a high-stress job. Besides, he missed family time and he missed his kids. Then I see on Get the Picture that Urban Meyer has finalized the deal to take over as head coach of The Ohio State University Buckeyes.

It’s been, what, a year since he cut and run resigned from that high-stress Florida job? Corch, a word of advice, if I may. If a university refers to itself as “The University of Blah, blah, blah”, chances are, that’s going to be a high-stress job as well. And I start to wonder which kids he misses the most, the ones in his house or the ones who graduated off that 2010 class.

And speaking of graduating, has anyone gotten Representative Corrine Brown‘s reaction to this development? Because I would dearly love to hear her “gradulate” all involved.

If you clicked the Mr. SEC article linked above, you’ll see that there’s a slight chance that Meyer could coach the Buckeyes against the Gators in the Gator Bowl later this year. Gators, I just gotta ask. How does that make you feel?

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