Get your minds right, boys

So, let’s see… We’ve got former walk-ons, Brandon Harton and Wes Van Dyk, who earned scholarships at the end of camp, playing running back for us this weekend, against New Mexico State. Richard Samuel IV is out for quite a while with his ankle sprain sustained at the Cocktail Party and everyone else is suspended for one game. Crowell, Thomas and Malcome, all out due to “violation of team rules”.


Here’s a nice write-up in the AJC about a game between Kyle and Nick Marshall’s high school teams.


One Response to “Get your minds right, boys”

  1. Maybe someday, we’ll see the UGA boys playing who DESERVE to play….We actually have those players RIGHT NOW, practicing hard every day, but riding the bench on Saturday afternoon, at the expense of the coaches using talented but distracting scofflaws….Who might well not even BE THERE, next week..

    We have accomplished players who have passing grades, who don’t use drugs, have no DUI’s or assault charges, and don’t embarrass our school with their mindless gangsta’ behavior…Let them play. Make the school proud once more..Many of us out here are sick and tired of the AJC Sports section reading more like a UGA rap-sheet, pun intended…

    As an older alumni, I’d rather see us lose a few games, than have to further tolerate the undisciplined antics of several players who should never have been recruited in the FIRST place. The Administration and the Coaches need to figure that out, as we look to our future in the SEC..Can you say, “background check”…? Pick up the the student’s high school Principal…Call the local Sheriff, Chief of Police…Only takes few minutes…Cull the losers..


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