A day of firsts

I’m very proud of the guys for overcoming the distractions this week. Clearly, we came out to play and got the job done early and often. Congratulations to Brandon Harton and Kyle Karempelis for having career days including each recording their very first touchdowns. And how about that Chris Conley explosion? Well over a hundred yards receiving as well as a touchdown catch of his own, also the first of his career. And Rhett McGowan got in the act, too, catching his first touchdown of his career after getting his first reception just last week against Florida.

New Mexico State was able to put some points up late in the game. But we had already cleared the bench on both sides of the ball and lots of guys got some good game time experience. I’ll try and get some video of the game up later this week. But for now, I’m getting ready for the big game tonight: Arkansas v. South Carolina.

And speaking of which, I’ve got a buddy who is a big Dawgs fan. But he’s an even bigger Flacons fan and, as such, he’s told me that he’s having trouble pulling for the Arkansas Bobby Petrinos despite how a Razorbacks win tonight over the Gamecocks could benefit the Dawgs. I find this line of thinking alien, myself. But I guess it’s because I’m a much bigger Dawgs fan than I am a Falcons fan. That said, if any of you out there might be feeling a bit like my buddy about cheering on Petrino, here’s a picture of my friend Caroline (I call her Arkansas), who would be a very sad panda if her team were to lose to Sakerlina tonight:

How ’bout them Dawgs and Wooo, Pig!


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