I miss bacon

So I made a really dumb promise and I’m afraid I’m going to have to honor it. Part way through the Arkansas v. South Carolina game last night, after the Hawgs dropped a sure touchdown pass and then proceeded to miss a field goal attempt right before the half, I might have panicked a bit. In my agitated state, I might have exclaimed that I would give up bacon if Arkansas could pull off the win and put the Dawgs in the driver’s seat in the race for the SEC East.


Now, I didn’t exactly specify how long I’d give up bacon. With that in mind, how long do you guys think is an appropriate amount of time to not dig on the swine until my promise could be considered fulfilled?

I miss bacon.


6 Responses to “I miss bacon”

  1. I’m afraid I must declare: end of the season.
    Cause you would not want the gods of football to punish our dawgs for your bacon-eating.

  2. until the second after the sec East is settled.

  3. 40 days. I think that is how long Lint last. If it is good enough for Jesus it should be good enough to satisfy your promise without upsetting the balance of karma for Georgia.

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