Well, damn

You guys saw it. I can’t wait to see it again. That was an incredibly satisfying game. Some things that are making me smile right now:

  • 303 yards rushing. That’s what we got. And Auburn knew it was coming. 303 yards.
  • 12 of 15 for third down conversions. That’s huge.
  • Aaron Murray playing an almost perfect game and setting the record for touchdowns in a season by a UGA quarterback. We’ve still got four more games to go.
  • Our defense. Held Auburn to under 200 yards total offense, 3 of 11 for third downs and 51 yards rushing. I think Jarvis Jones just sacked Moseley again.

45-7. That was an ass-kicking we just delivered to our oldest foe, folks. And I enjoyed almost every single moment of it. One more performance just like this one and we’re on our way back to the Dome. We’ve just done something we haven’t done since 1982: defeated Tennessee, Florida and Auburn all in one season.

One last thing: Boo! We put him in for the last series and he got us a first down to end the game. Boo!

How ’bout them Dawgs!



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