Interview with Blake Tibbs

Kip Adams of ESPN’s DawgNation has a video interview up with 2012 WR recruit Blake Tibbs. Blake gets the interview off to a great start by saying “we’re going to win the SEC Championship” over LSU in the Dome. Also of note, Tibbs is asked about the recruitment of Kenderius Whitehead, a fellow teammate at M.L. King who the Dawgs are also after and he replies with some familiar talking points, namely how successful Georgia football could be if the top in-state recruits stayed home. Where have we heard that before?

Coaching at a school with a fertile recruiting base like Georgia and its bordering states was a big attraction to Grantham.

“I think you can be better than Florida, you can be better than Texas and you can be better than Southern Cal, if those players came to the University of Georgia,” Grantham said.

Blake, if you’ll recall, recently had a 5-touchdown game in a come from behind, 1-point victory over Stephenson High.


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