Boise State just died a little

And then there was one. LSU is the only remaining undefeated team in the BCS rankings. The Iowa State Cyclones upset number 2 ranked Oklahoma State last night and now one-loss teams everywhere are scrambling to plead their case for a shot at the title game.

Alabama, Oregon and maybe Oklahoma seem to be the teams that benefit most from the Pokes’ loss while Boise State are certainly kicking themselves now after losing another game in another season by another missed field goal.

And what does this all mean for the Dawgs? Well, probably not a whole lot. But it would mean even less if we don’t continue winning our games. So let’s just keep doing that and see where we end up.


6 Responses to “Boise State just died a little”

  1. Well Houston is still unbeaten

  2. so are a few high school teams SO WHAT

  3. As I said in the other blogs, a lot of things still can happen and this season can be a repeat of 2007 but this time a REMOTE MIRACLE can happen and the DAWGS can have a better ARGUMENT to be in THE MIX. This time the DAWGS can be the SEC champs unlike in 2007. Can the football voters turn upside down and give the DAWGS a chance to meet BAMA in the BCSCG if the DAWGS defeat LSU. Naturally, that is coming from a delusional fan.

    When I was watching the earlier part of last night’s Okie game, I thought my delusion is ending and I decided to watched other programs. To my surprise OSU lost to an unranked Iowa State. So my delusion continues.

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