The East is ours

Well, it certainly wasn’t as pretty as we all wanted or expected it to be. There was sloppy play on both sides of the ball here and there. But when we needed it to, our defense stepped up yet again. While Kentucky moved the ball on occasion during the first half, Coach Grantham did his magical halftime adjustments and we ended up holding the Wildcats to 13 yards of offense the rest of the way, for a grand total of 165 yards on the day.

This defensive domination wasn’t reflected on the scoreboard because, at times, we just simply couldn’t get anything going on offense. Credit Kentucky for playing hard and fast and making us execute. Unfortunately, without a more consistent threat running the ball, our offense sputtered.

Speaking of which, it looked like one of our offensive lineman rolled up on Crowell’s left ankle as he was making his second run of the game. And it wasn’t announced until game time that Carlton Thomas was out due to personal reasons. On a side note, hopefully Carlton isn’t facing anything too serious.


Come on, Carlton. What’s going on, here?

I know a lot of folks have been questioning the toughness of Isaiah Crowell. As the season’s progressed, Crowell has been up and down in terms of productivity. But most telling is how many times he’s been dinged up or taken himself out of a game. That said, I came across this earlier and found it interesting:

Clearly, Isaiah Crowell has it in him to be a SEC back. However, right now, he’s not quite a full time SEC back. But an off season of conditioning can only help, right? Let’s hope Isaiah Crowell is able to bounce back sooner rather than later.

Alright. All that out of the way, WE’VE WON THE EAST!!! Dawgs are headed back to the Dome and I don’t care who we play right now. I’m just glad and proud and thankful. This whole team and coaching staff deserves a lot of credit for believing in themselves and keeping it together through the initial setbacks. If you want any indication that the Dawgs have changed their ways from previous seasons, I’d have to say that pulling off this feat is evidence enough. Nine straight wins, including seven conference wins in a row. That’s outstanding.

Enjoy it, boys. You’ve earned it. But keep in mind that we’ve got TWO big games in Atlanta coming up. Let’s burn down North Avenue on our way back to the Dome.

How ’bout them Dawgs!


One Response to “The East is ours”

  1. In the 1960’s China called Red China at that time has a movie propaganda that says ” The East is Red” , well the DAWGS can say ” THE EAST IS RED AND BLACK”.

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