“Our guys knew who Erk Russell was”

Here’s the full transcript of Coach Richt’s presser today. Regarding pounding the rock down Tech’s throat:

“We always like to run the football, but you have to have backs who can do it and some backs who are willing to hang on to the football in the process.

Nice choice of words there. I’m pretty sure all of our backs are “willing to hang on to the football”. I think it’s interesting that Coach Richt is apparently emphasizing the mental aspect of it. After all, our two main backs for the Kentucky game don’t exactly see the field all that often. And against Tech, we may be relying on them more and more if Carlton Thomas doesn’t play and Isaiah Crowell isn’t quite ready to shoulder the full load. I’m sure Mr. Harton and Mr. Malcolme get the picture.

Speaking of getting the picture:

We are going to honor his memory at the ballgame with a decal on our helmet. We have a pretty good look at what it’s going to look like. It wasn’t quite what we were working on, but it will be something that will be very recognizable and obvious that we are honoring him.

Some variation of this would be my choice for helmet sticker

And now, word on Erk Russell:

The thing that’s a little bit different with our guys in their relationship to Erk Russell is that we invited him to come my first year. He spoke to the team, but he also spoke to the defense. There was a time where not only that group got to hear him, but we kept the video of it. From time to time we would show it to the defense, more so than the offense, because he was really talking about what he did with the defense. Our guys knew who Erk Russell was. They might not have been sitting in the room when he was there in person, but just about every defensive player that has come through here has seen the video. I don’t remember the last time we have seen it, but it’s probably time to pull the thing out.

I love this so, so much. And, yes, Coach, please pull out the tape. The way our defense has been playing, after seeing this tape and hearing Erk talk… Good lord. Yes, please pull out the tape for the Tech game, Coach.


2 Responses to ““Our guys knew who Erk Russell was””

  1. This would be the week for that video. Helping make sure that the team is focused on the task at hand, not playing in the Dome a week later. Go Dawgs!

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