James Franklin: Intimidator

I know we’ve got a big game against Tech coming up but this still makes me mad. See, according to James Franklin, throwing your body at the back of an opposing player’s knees can be done with a clear conscience. Because, you see:

“When you get into that discussion, it’s when you’re trying to hurt somebody,” Franklin said. “That’s what dirty is. Our kids are just trying to play real hard. They’re not trying to hurt anybody. There’s no doubt in my mind.”

And yet:

Franklin said Jelesky’s block and center Logan Stewart’s flagrant foul against Georgia were “two blocks this year that were across the back of the legs that are not what we teach, and they’re not acceptable.”

Stewart was suspended for half a game by the SEC.

“And when I see it on tape, it’s embarrassing to me as a coach,” Franklin said.

So James Franklin is embarrassed by his kids playing too hard and not because they play dirty. Gotcha.

As for why Vanderbilt linemen are diving at opponents’ legs as opposed to doing more blocking from the waist up, left guard Ryan Seymour said it sends a message.

“A cut block is just an intimidation factor,” Seymour said. “It’s one more time the defender has to stand up, so it’s making an opponent more tired. We’re going to keep doing what our coaches want us to do.

Yup. Gotcha.


3 Responses to “James Franklin: Intimidator”

  1. Vandy learning from their similarly talentless neighbors to the south, Georgia Tech.

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