The icing on the cake

From ESPN’s recap of our third win in a row over Tech:

Georgia tacked on a field goal with just 3 seconds left in the half, getting a second chance when Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson called a timeout just before the snap trying to mess up the Bulldogs. If only he had known they would make a bad snap, leading to an ugly miss by a Blair Walsh. On the do-over, Walsh knocked through a 41-yarder.

Know how you can tell how smart Paul Johnson is? He wears a football on his head. It’s, like, a prosthetic forehead thing that shows how much he has football on his mind. Which is all of the time on account of that football on his head. Know what I mean?

Another gem:

Georgia Tech (8-4) rushed for 243 yards out of the triple-option against the nation’s second-ranked run defense, but just 79 came after halftime. Tevin Washington threw a pair of interceptions. The result was all too familiar to the Yellow Jackets: another loss to the Bulldogs.

I don’t know what Coach Grantham says or does at halftime. But I’m not sure I’m meant to know. His powers are beyond my understanding.


3 Responses to “The icing on the cake”

  1. UGA should try to keep Grantham for at least 2-3 more years. With my very limited knowledge of football, he seem the first DC at UGA that can consistently adjust after the half. I was so assured by his abilities that I was bold enough to predict a GT loss to a GT fan at work, that the only way for GT to win is to score big on the DAWGS in the first half or GT will surely lose because of CTG makes adjustments in the second half.

    GT actually accumulated a lot of rushing yardage in 1st half but not much points. True enough GT rushing was limited in the second half. JUST AMAZING to me anyway.

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