Gators are soft

Or so says head coach Will Muschamp after the Gators lost to the Seminoles last night in a game that resembled a match between the Washington Generals and… the Washington Generals. Anyway, the last time I remember anyone saying that about the Dawgs, former safety Thomas Davis had this response:

“We’ve never been considered a team that was soft and didn’t go out and make people feel like they’d just left a fight when they left the game,” Davis said of last season’s defense. “I didn’t feel like our defense, in particular, made people feel threatened to come in and play us. When we played defense, we had a guy like Greg Blue, Odell [Thurman], David Pollack, guys that would really come and really lay the lumber on you, and you would feel it after the game.

“Even going into your next week, you still had that hit on your mind that those guys did to you. I didn’t think we have anybody on that defense that was doing that, presenting that intimidation factor. And I told the guys how I felt about it. … We have a bunch of South Carolina guys on our team [with the Panthers], and for a guy to come up to me and say, ‘What happened to Georgia? You guys are soft.’ … that did something to me.”

Davis, if you’ll recall, made sure to give our guys a piece of his mind prior to this season. Let’s hope the Gators don’t have someone like Thomas Davis around to give them advice. Oh, wait. There will never be another Thomas Davis (although Tree sure is making an effort).


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