Today in schadenfreude

I’m going to just jump right in. The Gators lost their game against the Seminoles last night in which they held their opponent to 95 total yards. Even more amazing, this total was just ten more yards than the amount lost by the Seminoles to penalties. Both teams were a stellar 2 of 15 on third down conversions and managed 5 total turnovers. Honestly, the stats were so crazy in this game, it’s a wonder both teams’ times of possession added up to the full 60 minutes.

Elsewhere in the conference, Auburn had just 34 yards of offense against Alabama yet were within 13 points of the Tide going into the fourth quarter, having scored touchdowns on defense and special teams. Who do y’all reckon is the bigger genius? Gus Malzahn or Paul Johnson?

Oh, and Tennessee snapped a 26-game winning streak dating back to 1984 against Kentucky by losing to a team that had a wide receiver playing quarterback. Matt Roark hadn’t played QB since high school but he channeled his inner Hines Ward and Randall Cobb to get the job done. While Roark only completed 4 of 6 passes for 15 yards, he managed 124 yards on the ground. It’s been a hundred years since Tennessee last had back-to-back losing seasons. I can’t wait to mention that little nugget to my UT buddies.

Oh, and last but not least, I’m glad I’m not this guy:

Go Dawgs!


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