So let me get this straight

First, Corch Meyer is all:

Because coaching the Florida Gators is a high-stress job. Besides, he missed family time and he missed his kids. Then I see on Get the Picture that Urban Meyer has finalized the deal to take over as head coach of The Ohio State University Buckeyes.

It’s been, what, a year since he cut and run resigned from that high-stress Florida job? Corch, a word of advice, if I may. If a university refers to itself as “The University of Blah, blah, blah”, chances are, that’s going to be a high-stress job as well. And I start to wonder which kids he misses the most, the ones in his house or the ones who graduated off that 2010 class.

And speaking of graduating, has anyone gotten Representative Corrine Brown‘s reaction to this development? Because I would dearly love to hear her “gradulate” all involved.

If you clicked the Mr. SEC article linked above, you’ll see that there’s a slight chance that Meyer could coach the Buckeyes against the Gators in the Gator Bowl later this year. Gators, I just gotta ask. How does that make you feel?


One Response to “So let me get this straight”

  1. I guess coach Meyer has to do what he feels is best for him and, I would hope, his family. Maybe they are all behind him to return to coaching. BUT, if I had told my wife and daughter that I was stepping down from coaching because (1) I wanted to spend more time with them and (2) I was burned out/stressed out and then turned around and went back into coaching, well, let’s just say both would be highly pissed for quite some time. My stress at home would be greater than whatever I would face coaching.

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