Zach Mettenberger and Michael Tamburo

So I was reading the full transcript of Coach Richt’s presser from earlier today and something immediately jumped out at me:

On whether LSU might pick the brain of quarterback Zach Mettenberger…

“I didn’t even think about that until just now. They might be. We haven’t changed an awful lot, and Zach certainly knew what we were doing. They might be picking his brain, I don’t know. There is so much that you can get on film now days, I don’t know how much more he could add to it. We have also gone to a no-huddle since Zach has gone, and we have code names and hand singles that he has no idea about. I don’t think it will be a factor, but it could be.”

You hear that, folks? We’re using code names. Interesting that we started off the season at the Dome against Boise State with a transfer quarterback who played for the Broncos. And now we close the season at the Dome against Louisiana State and they have a transfer quarterback who played for the Dawgs.

Also of note:

If things are going rough and your quarterback spits the bit, I think you are in big trouble. If he can stand in the gap and stay strong and keep fighting and encouraging and start to make plays, I think a really good quarterback can pull you out of a bad situation. I think Aaron (Murray) has gotten to the point where I don’t think anyone every questions his toughness mentally or physically. No one ever questions his preparation. No one questions his loyalty to the team. I think everybody responds well to him if things got rough.”

I think it’s safe to say that Murray has had off days here and there throughout the season. And Coach Richt is right. The team never really seemed to waver through these tough times. Instead, we got after it and won the game. What completely different results from last season.


6 Responses to “Zach Mettenberger and Michael Tamburo”

  1. I thought of Gale and Evelle too as soon as I saw code names.

  2. Code names… awesome reference.

    I will be taking Them Dawgs +12 or 13 and throwing $$$ on the money line… and my bookie knows it’s coming, just not the outcome.
    Daddy’s gonna get paid.

    “I’ll be takin’ these Huggies, and whatever cash ya’ got.”

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