Hale’s take

You guys remember a feller by the name of David Hale? Used to run a blog about a football team we all kind of like? Well, here’s an article he wrote and published on Scout today regarding the contestants in the game this Saturday:

But after spending the last 18 months surrounded by change, I can’t help but find some comfort in knowing that Georgia and LSU stayed the course and were rewarded handsomely for their patience.

It’s easy to look ahead and see where the grass appears greener — or, in Les Miles’ case, more flavorful — but there’s a certain beauty in trusting in what you’ve already got.

You can say that again, Mr. Hale. Oh, and it seems you were right about Abry Jones. He’s stepped it up big time and is contributing mightily.

Miss that guy.


One Response to “Hale’s take”

  1. I miss Hale!
    I still see the picture of him in Pauley’s here in Athens from when he completed the “100 beer challenge” on his wedding day with his bride.
    Not a knock on Emerson, but things haven’t been the same around the blogosphere since Hale departed.
    Thank God that Hale curse left though.

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