More on Faton Bauta

The Palm Beach Post has an interview up with Jack Daniels, high school coach of recent Dawgs commit, Faton Bauta. You know, it’s a shame the author of the interview has such a plain name. I mean, what is Matt Porter when compared to Jack Daniels and Faton Bauta? Speaking of which, I can’t wait to hear more folks pronounce Bauta’s name, particularly those of the South Georgian persuasion. Anyway:

Is there legitimacy to the Tebow comparison? Some might see the size, the running ability and compare any quarterback like that to Tebow because he’s so well known.

Well, I compare him now because Faton’s a winner. It seems like Tebow wills his way to things. Faton’s willed his way to being a great quarterback. His will is incredible. So, that’s what I think about comparing the two.

It doesn’t hurt that kid is 6’3″ 225 lbs. and runs a 4.54 forty.

But check out how different these two videos of Bauta look. The first features highlights primarily from when he was enrolled at Poly Prep County Day School up in New York.

And the second video shows Bauta in his senior season after his transfer to Dwyer High School in Florida.

Now it could be just the way the highlights are edited. But it certainly seems like Faton Bauta throws the ball a whole heck of a lot more at Dwyer than he did at Poly Prep, which jives with what Jack Daniels is saying:

I knew he was gonna work, and I knew we had good coaches working with him, but the progress he’s made … I think in the beginning it was, how can we manage the game and have Faton make some throws to help us win games, and now our game plan can have Faton take over the game with his arm, which I didn’t think he could do at the beginning of the year.

I believe Faton Bauta is planning to be an early enrollee at UGA. Can’t wait to get him on campus.


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