Coach Richt’s SEC Championship press conference

Just got done watching a live stream of Coach Richt’s press conference just now and here are some things of note:

  • When asked how long he intended to be head coach at UGA, Coach Richt responded that he felt that Georgia was his home; his family’s home. Richt brought up how, when it came to recruiting, he never wanted to be in a situation where he himself wasn’t committed to the school he was recruiting for.
  • Regarding the neutrality of the Georgia Dome, Coach Richt jokingly proclaimed it his favorite of the neutral sites where the Dawgs play and that, in fact… Then he cut himself off before mentioning the location of the Cocktail Party.
  • Coach Richt became very somber when discussing LSU’s secondary. He mentioned Morris Claiborne as being “a very polished player” and “one of the best corners in the country”.
  • When talking about LSU’s fullback, Coach Richt says he’ll be looking for a big body in the spring, maybe some lineman who doesn’t play much, to try and follow suit. But he also talks about how athletic J.C. Copeland is for a man of his size (6’1″, 280 lbs).

Coach Richt still doesn’t want to talk about running backs. To avoid further questions, he claimed it to be a game time decision. And I know there have been all kinds of rumors swirling around about so and so not doing this or saying that… It’s enough to be maddening. That said:


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