Defense, offense and Skittles

Some pre-war links to occupy your time today:

The Big Question against LSU — in fact, the Big Question underlying Georgia’s presence in this game, period — is, were any of those offenses any good? The two best teams on the schedule, Boise State and South Carolina, combined for 70 points; in the meantime, the only other offense the Bulldogs have seen that ranks among the top 60 in scoring is Georgia Tech, which scored 17 last week. At 8-4, the Yellow Jackets finished alongside Auburn (7-5) as the only winners in the entire streak.

“We take pride in protecting Murray, because we never want our best friend to get hit at all,” Jones said. “We treat him just like our little brother — you don’t want nobody bullying on your brother. That’s how we’ve taken it all year — he’s our best friend, he’s our little brother and we try to protect him with our life.”

The SEC will not have a representative in the Sugar Bowl as both LSU and Alabama will land in the BCS title game.

So the only way the SEC could have a representative in the Sugar Bowl is if the Dawgs win on Saturday, right? I don’t know about you guys but, like Marshawn Lynch, I kind of have a sweet tooth. I hope our boys develop a taste for Skittles.

What’s that? They have?

Oh, it’s on now!

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